Keep Your Home Dry by Installing a Toilet in the Backyard Pool House

Keep Your Home Dry by Installing a Toilet in the Backyard Pool House

Homeowners who love getting exercise by swimming and really enjoy spending time around the pool often opt to have a swimming pool installed in the backyard or purchase dwellings that already have a pool in place.

Often, a pool house is built at the same time the pool is installed, but this is not always the case. Maybe you’ve been getting so much use out of your pool that you figured you needed to add a pool house.

At a minimum, a pool house is a place to store all the chemicals, supplies and equipment needed to maintain the pool. In many situations, a pool house will also give guests privacy when they are changing from clothes into swimsuits and perhaps a place to sit and enjoy snacks and drinks.

Of course, with a pool in your backyard, you may be attracting more friends and family than you originally anticipated. Instead of letting them traipse through your home and get the carpet wet when they need to come inside to use the restroom, it would be better to install a bathroom with a toilet in the pool house. This is more convenient for your guests and helps keep your home drier.

Toilet Options for Your Pool House

What color toilet would look best in your home’s pool house? Are you looking for something fancy or something basic? Our specialists can help you sort out affordable options for reliable, traditional fixtures.

Or, you may be looking for high-performance toilet to meet the needs of a high-traffic pool house. We can also assist you in choosing toilets with the most powerful flushing capability, as well as compare the most premium toilets made with premium construction techniques for maximum performance.

We take care of it all, from picking up your toilet to delivery and installation. (If you are replacing an existing toilet in your pool house, we will be happy to take away the old one when we leave).

Help in Selecting the Ideal Toilet for Your Home’s Pool House

Instead of leaving your guests high and dry, so to speak, when entertaining themselves in the backyard swimming pool, you’ll give them a much better experience when you provide them with a customized pool house, complete with a bathroom toilet.

At ToiletKing, we’ve come to see over the many years we’ve been in business just how frustrating it can be for homeowners who are simply trying to figure out the most suitable option for toilet installation.

That’s where we come in. As industry experts, we are familiar with all the manufacturers, styles and options today’s toilets have to offer.

We will be happy to help you sort out which toilet will be great for your home’s pool house. Then, we’ll set an appointment for service that best meets your busy schedule. You can count on the professionals at ToiletKing to quickly and efficiently install a new toilet in your pool house, so you can get back to entertaining your guests in style.

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