When Should You Get Rid of a Toilet that Works Perfectly?

When Should You Get Rid of a Toilet that Works Perfectly?

Toilets are some of the most durable elements of the home. They can easily outlast faucets, look good longer than bathtubs, and even outlast kitchen appliances. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should keep the same one forever. Here are a few reasons you should go ahead and get rid of a toilet even if it still works perfectly.

Toilet Technology Has Improved

In this case, the new technology in question doesn’t refer to fancy built-in bidets or heated seats. Instead, the basic technology behind the flush function is what has greatly improved.

About 20 years ago, the idea of a high-efficiency toilet first hit the scene in a big way. However, it has taken until recently for it to be perfected. Now, you can get a toilet that uses about 1.6 gallons per flush – and that flushes as well as an old toilet that uses over five or six gallons to get the job done. If you’re on a municipal water system, as most people are, you’ll see the savings on your water bill. Even if you use a well, you’ll be glad to know that your new, modern toilet isn’t wasting water.

There are More Style Choices

Even in toilets, you will find that there is a variety of styles to choose from. You can get everything from a retro design, where you can see the outline of the main pipe from the outside, to ultra-modern designs that simply look like a toilet bowl sticking out of the wall with no visible tank. Designs that make the entire toilet – tank and bowl – appear to be a single unit are also possible.

Multiple height choices are also options with modern toilets. You can get anything from a fixture sized for a child’s bathroom all the way up to one that will be comfortable for a very tall man.

With all of these options, you may decide that it’s time to replace your old toilet simply to get a new look in the bathroom.

To Get Modern Bells and Whistles

Ultra-modern toilets have options that go beyond simply flushing when you hit a lever or press a button. You can get versions with bidets integrated in them, saving you from having to retrofit an old one. Some have heated seats. Others have sinks integrated into the tops of their tanks for the ultimate in water savings. Still others have two flush strengths to choose from.

Let Toilet King of Northern Virginia Upgrade Your Bathroom

When you work with us, you don’t have to deal with separate steps to upgrade to a new toilet. Just tell us which one you want. We’ll bring it to your location, uninstall your old toilet, install the new one, and take the old toilet away with us.

We have several models of toilets in stock, and installation packages to meet any budget. If you want a specialty toilet that we don’t carry, we’ll still work with you. Simply purchase that toilet yourself, and we’ll handle all of the rest. Contact us today for help with your installation.

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