Remodeling the Guest Bathroom? Remember to Upgrade the Toilet

Remodeling the Guest Bathroom? Remember to Upgrade the Toilet

Remodeling the Guest Bathroom? Remember to Upgrade the Toilet

You’ve decided that now it is time to remodel the guest bathroom in your home.

Whether your idea is to make this area of the dwelling better reflect your current sense of style or if it’s part of an ongoing project to improve your home’s value before putting it on the market, everything will go much more smoothly when you partner with professionals who have years of experience in the plumbing industry. That’s where the team at ToiletKing can help.

It’s always nice when you upgrade the amenities in your home. Indeed, a great way to make friends and relatives feel more comfortable when staying overnight (or even just for a long visit during the day) is to offer them a remodeled guest bathroom. And while you’re making changes, don’t forget to replace the toilet with a new upgrade from ToiletKing, your one-stop shop for professional toilet installations.

Our customers prefer ToiletKing because we remove all of the hassle and time it takes to navigate the wide variety of toilets currently on the market, providing them with easy and convenient selection. We also specialize in fast, efficient installation and perhaps best of all, we haul away the old toilet after removal. That’s one less headache for you.

Benefits of Upgrading the Toilet During a Bathroom Remodel


If you can’t remember when you installed the current toilet in your guest bathroom, assume it was many years ago. Or, it might have been put in place by the previous homeowner, which means chances are good that the toilet is an older, less efficient model. Replacing the toilet with a new, low-flow version means that you will be doing your part to help conserve natural resources. What’s more, you can anticipate a lower water bill since low-flow fixtures require less water to flush.

Improve Value of Home

Remodeling your abode with a new, water-saving toilet in a bathroom with an improved appearance will do wonders for boosting the resale value of your property.

Make Guests Feel More Welcome

Relatives and friends who are staying overnight will certainly appreciate the effort you made to make the guest bathroom a warm and inviting place to freshen up. It shows that you care about their comfort and want them to feel right at home.

Contact the Professionals at ToiletKing Today

You’re already busy enough planning out what’s needed for the new bathroom remodeling project. The last thing you need is to waste time figuring out what’s the best option for upgrading the toilet. At ToiletKing, a family-owned and operated independent business based in Leesburg, Virginia, we are devoted to providing homeowners with a hassle-free experience in replacing their toilets.

Our convenient plans make it easy to select the perfect toilet for your family’s needs. And after installation, we take care of the messy work of hauling away your old toilet. To learn more about our installation process or to book an appointment for service, please contact us today.

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