Benefits of Having Professionals Replace Your Toilet

Benefits of Having Professionals Replace Your Toilet

Numerous signs can indicate that the time has come to replace your toilet. These signs may include inefficient water use, frequent clogging, and the dreaded toilet overflow. Whether your toilet uses excessive amounts of water to flush solid waste, frequently clogs or is just old and highly uncomfortable, consider having professionals from ToiletKing install your new toilet.

Although many people are tempted to make toilet replacement a DIY project, for the inexperienced, installing a toilet can easily become a time-consuming task. Furthermore, without experience, trying to remove and then install a new, replacement toilet can lead to hours of frustration.

Hiring an Experienced Professional Reduces Toilet Installation Time

ToiletKing’s professional plumbers have experience with toilet removal and installation. Therefore, our professional toilet installers typically complete installation within 1 to 3 hours. The length of time toilet installation takes depends on the toilet’s model, as well as whether additional accessories are also being installed (e.g., a bidet, a shutoff valve).

Toilets Are Awkwardly Shaped and Heavy

Due to their weight and awkward shape, without experience, maneuvering a toilet into the proper location and ensuring it is balanced can be a challenge. Besides these concerns, the possibility of dropping and breaking the toilet or sustaining an injury should also be considered.

ToiletKing’s Professionals Use a Variety of Installation Techniques

Our professional plumbers know what they need to do to set a toilet correctly. They use shims and toilet flange spacers to secure the toilet over the drain hole. Properly using spacers and shims will prevent leaks.

Attempting to install a new toilet without experience can lead to a mishap that requires the help of a plumbing professional. You may end up paying more to correct the problem the mishap causes than you would have initially paid if you hired an experienced professional from ToiletKing to install your toilet.

Professional Work is Guaranteed

When a toilet is installed incorrectly, it is likely that leaking, slow flushing, and plumbing emergencies (e.g., flooding) will arise in the future. For this reason, hiring one of our professional plumbers to replace your toilet will put your mind at ease.

Professional Plumbers Can Recognize and Correct Other Problems

An individual installing a toilet who does not have experience working in this area is likely to miss the signs indicating there is a water leak beneath the floor or behind a bathroom wall.

As our experienced professionals are installing a toilet, they will recognize mold growth, as well as out-of-date pipes that should be brought up to code. Furthermore, if the need for a toilet replacement stems from water damage to the floor, a licensed professional plumber can remedy this problem, ensuring the damaged floor is addressed so that the toilet is installed evenly.

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