Common Misconceptions About Bidet Seats

Common Misconceptions About Bidet Seats

Bidet seats are becoming more popular all the time, but some people hold out on getting a bidet seat because of some common misconceptions. Bidets promote sanitary toilet use. Below, we’ve cleared up some myths preventing homeowners from trying bidet seats for themselves.

Bidets are Unsanitary

Bidets have a reputation for being unsanitary. This is a common myth among people unfamiliar with bidets and how they operate.

Bidets are naturally sanitary because they use water to clean the parts of your body that very much need to be washed. In fact, bidets wash parts of your body that may not be completely cleansed by toilet paper alone.

Some studies have shown that people who use bidets feel cleaner and have better hygiene than people who don’t use bidets. In addition, bidets are designed to stay clean and hygienic. The nozzle on a bidet seat is designed to be retractable. When the bidet nozzle is pointed out to aim water, it sits well behind the person on the toilet seat. The spray of water from the bidet nozzle sends most of the waste into the toilet without hitting the nozzle.

Bidets are Weird

Is it strange to spray water onto your bottom for cleaning? Well, only if you think it’s strange. In fact, many people who use bidets are used to the way the appliances function. Many people, once they start using a bidet, find that it becomes a normal way of life. People like bidets – that’s why they keep getting used.

There Is No Space in My Bathroom for a Bidet

A traditional bidet is a standalone fixture. A bidet seat is a special seat that sits on the toilet, taking up no more space in your bathroom than the toilet itself. It’s understandable to think that a bidet would take up too much space, but that’s not the case if you decide to install a bidet seat instead of a traditional bidet.

Bidet Seat Installation Requires a Plumber

It’s natural to assume that your bidet would need to be installed with help from a plumber. After all, a bidet needs its own plumbing line to function, doesn’t it?

Not quite. Many bidet seats are designed to be installed without services from a plumber. If it’s important to you to install a bidet seat without hiring a plumber, do your homework when buying a bidet seat to ensure the seat you purchase can be easily installed without running a new water line in your home.

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