6 Luxury Toilet Features You’ll Love

6 Luxury Toilet Features You'll Love

Luxury toilets make using the restroom a spa-like experience. From heated seats to a toilet bowl nightlight, luxury toilets have a range of amenities that make going to the bathroom extra comfortable. If you’ve never owned a high-end toilet before, knowing what kind of features are available can help you decide whether this kind of toilet is right for your bathroom.

1. Heated Seats

Ever wish that your toilet seat wasn’t quite so cold? With a heated toilet seat, you don’t have to worry! A heated seat can make that midnight trip to the toilet just a little more comfortable. You won’t mind so much getting up in the middle of the night with a heated toilet seat waiting for you.

2. Touchless Flushing

Never forget to flush your toilet again with a touchless flushing feature. Touchless flushing isn’t just convenient – it’s also sanitary. With fewer surfaces to touch, you’ll spread fewer bacteria around your bathroom and potentially experience fewer bacteria-related illnesses. The safety of touchless flushing is exactly why so many businesses have switched to touchless toilets over the years.

3. Toilet Bowl Nightlight

Do you ever worry about tripping in the bathroom when you’re entering it in the dark? With a toilet bowl nightlight feature, you can stop your worries. Toilet bowl nightlights provide some guidance in the dark, allowing you to reach the toilet without turning on the light in your bathroom.

4. Comfort Height

Some people find getting off the toilet to be challenging. This is especially true for people who are older and people who are not a typical height. Fortunately, there are toilets of varying heights for people who want a toilet that’s just right for them. Choose a luxury toilet that’s just the right height for standing up after use.

5. Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning toilets are a relatively new concept that can make it easy to maintain a hygienic toilet. Most models use water pressure and cleaning chemicals to keep the porcelain inside the toilet properly clean. Self-cleaning toilets also minimize crevices while maximizing the use of easy-to-clean materials like porcelain, to make any manual cleaning as easy as possible.

Self-cleaning toilets really do work! They help stop the spread of germs in the bathroom, while also minimizing the chances of annoying problems like toilet bowl stain. If staying clean in the bathroom is a priority for you, a self-cleaning toilet may be exactly what you need.

6. Deodorizer

Ever walked into the bathroom and felt like the smells inside were…unfresh? That’s a common problem. This is why some luxury toilets come with a deodorizer feature. Stop worrying about the embarrassing smells in your bathroom by investing in a luxury toilet with a deodorizer feature!

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