October Toilets of the Month – Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October Toilet of the Month

ToiletKing is pleased to announce our October Toilets of the Month!

Each month, ToiletKing, northern Virginia’s premier provider of simple and affordable professional toilet replacement, will feature a toilet that is in addition to those you will find among the current toilet packages on our website.

The Toilet of the Month is one that we find to have a combination of value, great flushing technology, attractive design, premium construction, unique functionality, and/or may serve a particular individual need. With upfront pricing and ease of ordering, all of our toilet replacement packages, including our Toilet of the Month, include delivery, installation, and haul away offering a hassle-free way for residents and businesses to replace inefficient, outdated, or poor-performing toilets.

This month we are featuring not one, but two vintage pink toilets in honor of breast cancer awareness month – the Kohler Memoirs Stately and the Kohler San Souci in the Kohler Heritage color Peachblow.

Meet Northern Virginia homeowner favorites, The Memoirs Stately & San Souci

Introducing our October Toilet of the Month special: The Kohler Memoirs Stately and the Kohler San Souci, both elegantly presented in Kohler’s Heritage color, “Peachblow” – a vintage pink that radiates charm and nostalgia in celebration of the company’s 150-year anniversary. These classic designs blend seamlessly with modern-day homes while offering a touch of historical elegance. In tribute to breast cancer awareness month, we’ve chosen this unique hue to raise awareness and show our support for the cause. Upgrade your bathroom with a blend of style, history, and heartfelt meaning with these exclusive pieces.

Both models feature Comfort Height®, chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults. The AquaPiston® canister (video below) optimizes the flow out of the tank, harnessing gravity and the natural powerful reducing cascade of water to increase the force and effectiveness of the flush.

We have secured a very limited supply of these toilets. We are offering the toilet, delivery, professional installation, and haul away of your old toilet for $1145 for the Memoir Stately (8 week delivery timeframe) or $1160 for the San Souci (4 month delivery timeframe).

Why We Love This Toilet

AquaPiston® Flushing Technology

Kohler’s AquaPiston® canister optimizes the flow out of the tank, harnessing gravity and the natural powerful reducing cascade of water to increase the force and effectiveness of the flush.

ADA Compliant

More and more Americans are staying in their homes longer, making universal design a necessary update to kitchens and bathrooms for independent living. These toilets’ comfort height, elongated bowls provide comfortable access and use.

Water Efficient

Conserving water is as important to us as it is to you. It makes ecological and economical sense. After all, the less water you use, the more money you save. These toilets use only 1.28 GPF which saves 20% more water than a 1.6 gallon toilet and 63% more water than a 3.5 gallon toilet.

Kohler Premium Quality

You can rest assured your new toilet will last for years to come. These models include a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Limited Time Offer

The Kohler Memoirs Stately Toilet & Kohler San Souci Toilet in Kohler Heritage color Peachblow are available for delivery now through October 31st. Order online here or by calling 571.326.8708.

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