Common Toilet Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Common Toilet Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Got toilet problems? Most toilet problems are easy to fix, either with a DIY kit or with help from a toilet repair professional. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common toilet repair issues, and what you can do to get them repaired.

Running Toilet

A toilet will start to run when the parts inside its tank begin to fail. There are several problems that can cause toilet tank parts to go bad, including deterioration of the rubber gasket, algae buildup on the gasket, and hard water deposits inside the parts.

Toilet tank parts are easily replaced. Universal parts can be found at your local home improvement store and can be replaced as a DIY project, following the instructions provided with the kit.

Rocking Toilet

Your toilet sits on top of a flange that sits in the floor. A rocking toilet is typically caused by a flange that rises too high above the floor. To fix a rocking toilet, wedge a plastic toilet shim underneath the toilet to stop the rocking, then fill the space between the toilet and the floor with caulk.

Cracked Toilet Seat

A cracked toilet seat is an easy fix for any homeowner. Simply buy the replacement toilet seat that will fit your toilet. Remove the bolts that hold the toilet seat in place, then replace the toilet seat with a seat of your choice. The new seat should come with instructions that will help.

Rusted Hardware

Toilet bolts maintain a connection between the toilet tank, the fill valve, and the pipe leading to the toilet bowl. Most toilets have two bolts. These bolts can get rusty for a variety of reasons. Replacing the bolts can be challenging because rust and corrosion stop the bolts from turning properly. Many homeowners turn to professionals to get this job done.

Sweaty Tank

A sweaty tank occurs when the toilet tank stays cold on hot summer days, thus causing condensation to form on the outside of the tank. You can stop this from happening by reducing the humidity in your bathroom. Run the vent, turn on the air conditioner, and keep a dehumidifier in the bathroom.

If this doesn’t work, consider having a professional install an anti-sweat valve. The anti-sweat valve raises the temperature of the water in the toilet tank, to stop condensation from forming on the outside of the tank.

Flushing Issues

If you’re having a hard time flushing your toilet, the most likely problem is an issue with the parts inside the toilet tank. Buy one of those universal toilet tank replacement part kits (described above), then replace the parts in the toilet tank. If this doesn’t work, or if you’re disinclined to do the work yourself, hire a pro.

When Do You Need a New Toilet?

A typical toilet will last ten to fifteen years. Once the toilet is ready to be replaced, you’ll notice that the toilet breaks more often. When this starts to happen, ToiletKing can help. Do you need a new toilet? Call today to get started with your toilet purchase and installation.

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