4 Benefits of Adding a Bidet Attachment to Your Toilet

4 Benefits of Adding a Bidet Attachment to Your Toilet

Looking for a way to make your toilet more efficient and the bathroom experience cleaner? A bidet attachment may be just the addition to your standard toilet. Below is a closer look at the bidet attachment and the benefits of having one installed on your toilet.

First, What Is a Bidet Attachment?

You may be familiar with a bidet, which is a standalone hygiene fixture that offers a place to clean with a stream of water after using the toilet. A bidet attachment, by contrast, is a fixture that you can install between the seat of the toilet and the lid that offers the same functions. Most bidet attachments offer similar or the same controls as a standard bidet. This means the unit has a spray wand and controls that allow you to adjust the pressure and temperature of the stream of water.

Benefits of a Bidet Attachment

One of the main benefits of installing a bidet attachment is that you get the high-end functions of a standalone bidet without the need for additional space in the bathroom for the fixture. The attachment is simply added to any standard toilet. Check out a few other benefits of installing a bidet attachment below.

1. Improved personal hygiene

Using water to clean up after toilet use is actually thought to be the more hygienic option compared to toilet paper. This is one reason why bidets are such common fixtures in most other countries, even though America has not quite embraced the idea just yet.

2. Environmentally friendly option

By having a bidet attachment on your toilet, you won’t need to use so much toilet paper. Even though you will be using a little extra water with a bathroom visit than usual, all the toilet paper you would normally use won’t end up in a landfill. And, you will be doing your part to cut down on paper used to protect trees.

3. Save money on toilet paper and wipes

Speaking of less toilet paper usage, a bidet attachment can also help you save a bit of money. Most households spend more than $100 annually just on toilet paper. If you also buy flushable wet wipes, you could possibly save even more money with a bidet.

4. Avoid plumbing problems

By using a bidet attachment, you won’t be flushing as much toilet paper into your septic or sewer system. Homeowners notoriously run into issues with these systems because too much flushed paper is clogging up the drainage pipes. However, a bidet only streams water into the toilet and won’t lead to drainage issues.

Ready to Install a Bidet with Your New Toilet?

Adding a new bidet attachment when you have your toilet installed will deliver an entirely new bathroom experience. These plumbing fixtures may not be as common in American homes, but they offer a long list of benefits that are hard to ignore. Ready to talk about a new toilet installation project? Reach out to us to get the conversation started.

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